Alex Palenski

Alex Palenski is a sculptor who splits his time between Paris and Normandy. He comes from a family of artists and was quickly drawn to construction and steel sculpture. His grandfather, a designer himself, taught him how to create sculptures. Alex Palenski said, in his own words, “he is the one who taught me how to blend aesthetics and technique. It has always been very natural for me to create and build practical things like lamps, tables, and chairs—and even, and especially—to create impractical things!”

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At just 20 years old, Alex Palenski created his first sculptures using copper rods and mirrors. Since then, he has been refining his work, perfecting the balance, movement, weightlessness, and curved lines of his stabile and mobile sculptures. The paper-like malleability of steel allows him to create elegant curves and angles. To embellish his pieces, he adds aluminum, brass, or gold-plated metal. Alex Palenski also creates plaster sculptures. Metal is still used in these sculptures, but is hidden by the plaster and the softer, more serpentine forms. He always seeks balance and poetic expression in his work. Alex Palenski’s work is featured in private collections throughout the world from New York to Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beirut, Geneva, and London. Each piece is handmade, unique, and signed and numbered.

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