“If it is the feathers that make the plumage, it is not the glue that makes the collage” said with humour Max ERNST. FITZIA is one of the most brilliant masters of collage, an art that she dedicated her life to. Her objective was to provide shape and color to abstractions on a flat surface through the use of simple mediums such as paper and glue. “Collage seduced me as paper has a life of its own. It is a rival of sorts: if I try to bend it, it will not give in (…). I pass the roller to flatten it and it will at times move to a different place than I had intended, it is an ongoing battle that I almost always lose. However, it is this relationship filled with surprises that I find fascinating and inspiring, as it is not unlike working with human beings.”

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Collage is different from oil paintings. It is a complex discussion between the artist and her intentions. It begins with a desire to create and to organize the surface, but unpredictability plays a significant role. As ARP said, “he who lets himself be guided by unpredictability, will create art with a life of its own”. Collage reaches at this point its greatest level of detail. From the most precious to the most trivial, she rips the papers, glues, rolls, flattens and waxes them, offering us a world of wondrous shapes, each more innovative and modern. FITZIA takes her public on a journey with an infinite amount of possible interpretations. Once she completes her collage, FITZIA seals it with a layer of hot wax to protect it from dust and in order to create a velvety finish. It is interesting to closely examine her creations upon which paper is used in a rebellious manner. One will discover layers, transparency, and subtleties that require true mastery of this art form. Her artwork has been put on display in numerous countries (Mexico, United States, Colombia, and France, among others). Much of her art can still be found in museums, such as the Museums of Modern Art in New York City (MOMA), Mexico City and Bilbao.

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    Hay luz de luna

    80 x 122 cm


    Rythme surajouté

    80 x 70 cm


    Volando al Sol

    95 x 80
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