Hélène Latte

Trained in photography, cinema, then digital imaging, Hélène Latte has always questioned, through her practice, the painter’s gesture in the face of the mutation of our gaze, which today walks in an environment where daily interaction with the material and the virtual environment are mixed.

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Her preoccupation is currently centered on the question of making emerge in the material world, by this ancestral human gesture which is the gesture of painting, new visions which would make echoes with these digital visual codes with which we familiarize ourselves day after day. By making bits of these visual environments penetrate in her painting, in a simple and stripped atmosphere, but sometimes sharp by the meeting of “extinguished” tones and very “saturated” colors, Hélène Latte diverts them from their first function, proposing to our glance, so usually called to absorb images in quantity, a sensitive perception, a kind of breathing which could support the observation, the attention, the daydreaming, the interior journey… Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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