Jean-Marie Tarance

Jean-Marie Tarance was born in France. He studied at a school of advertising and drawing. He specialised in trompe l’œil. After he graduated, he worked to restore some French monuments such as churches and other architectural monuments. Thanks to this training and his professional experience, his technical skill is really impressive within his artworks. Indeed, he uses gold leaves, painting, oil sticks, india ink…

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His last series of paintings is named “L’eveil” (the awakening). The series starts when he decided to leave Paris, to return to his roots, in the South of France, in 2014. Today this series includes around 160 artworks. These large artworks are painted with Asian paintbrushs, which are used to dilute the paint. His paintings are ethereal, as if the spectator were in a dream. To add contrast to this poetic abstraction, Jean-Marie Tarance used layering to add texture, where the vegetal life appears ».

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