José Aguirre

Born in London in 1971. Metallochromy, the ability of steel to react naturally to certain elements such as water and fire, combined with various techniques, brings a color, a grain, a particular water. For the artist, iron is originally contained in the earth as a mineral. It is with fire and the work of man that iron becomes usable. It is with fire and the work of man that iron becomes usable. To be part of the process of transformation of the material, while keeping the link with its mineral origin, is essential to him. The work of José Aguirre, gives a new life “terrestrial” to this matter, from now on assimilated to the space, the environment as to remember its former life.

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The metallic material allows to reveal a world with earthly and cosmic resonances. Far from the original meaning of the first vertical volumes erected by man (menhirs, obelisks, and other totems), his “modern” sculptures are the heirs of all these myths and dreams. José Aguirre’s creations do not impose particular directions, in order to preserve the magic? an object is never simply itself, it is the sign of something else; it is up to the spectator, according to his sensitivity, to bring a reality to the object and to offer himself his own journey.

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    José Aguirre

    Frangments 2

    37 cm

    José Aguirre

    Frangments 1

    35 cm

    José Aguirre


    20 x 8 x 75 cm

    José Aguirre


    15 x 17 x 104 cm
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