Marie-Astrid Grivet

Marie-Astrid Grivet is a French painter. She paints nature and architecture in an abstract way, playing with lines. The artist also plays with colours and finds her freedom between surrealism and the imaginary. The artist still paints with oil. As oil takes a long time to dry, the artist can to come back to her creations several times to change the colours and the lines. She keeps revisiting and editing her work, until she finds the prefect harmony between the lines and the colours. This allows her to bring brightness to flat tints. And she uses oil stick to add texture to her paintings.

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Speaking about her work, Marie-Astrid Grivet says “I would like my paintings to allow the observer to escape themselves, by taking in each part of the artwork. The art piece is a whole, we can enter into it from one side and take an imaginary walk through the painting.”

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