Sœur Samuelle

Sister Samuelle was born on April 3, 1976. She studied furniture making at Boulle, a French art and design school, and then decided to dedicate her life to religious service while continuing to do woodworking in furniture restoration workshops. She studied mosaics for ten years after discovering a passion for it during her time in Rome. She used a figurative style in her various projects, mainly for churches, in France and abroad.

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She returned to France in 2014 and decided to live a more secluded life in the diocese of Troyes, where she began creating more abstract art. Her mosaics are created with natural materials like wood, slate, or gold, and are an extension of nature and its surroundings. She discovered sculpture around the same time and was able to apply her skills as a mosaic artist and furniture maker to create sculptures. The nature of her sculptures allows her to embrace chance in her work. The minimalism of her pieces is counterbalanced by the materials she works with, namely gold leaf. She uses agate stone to polish the gold leaf on the wood, which is then cut and dried for several months. Sister Samuelle uses gold leaf and agate stone to play with the shape the wood has taken after months of drying, and molds the gold leaf around it to produce an exquisite finish. Regarding her work, the artist stated: “The interplay between materials allows each material to stand out on its own while complementing the other materials beautifully. When everything is right where it is supposed to be, there is a sense of unity, which creates a cohesive and unified environment.”

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