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A Gallery for Fertile Minds

Galerie Durst is a collaborative space that bridges the relationship between the artists we support and our art collectors. Our commitment to serving art is a way of life. Our diverse and alluring selection is a celebration of creativity and aesthetics.

About Us

Galerie Durst endeavors to make contemporary art accessible to everyone. Since its founding 40 years ago, Galerie Durst’s extensive expertise and compassionate approach have made it a renowned leader in art consulting today.

Since 2018, the gallery has a new team at its side and is focusing on adopting a more ethical approach. Galerie Durst is a collaborative space that showcases the power of aesthetics. It is a place where the artists the gallery supports and the collectors it advises can come together and start a dialogue.

Our artists

Our Guiding Principle

The gallery showcases both abstract and semi-abstract artists. Galerie Durst’s love for art is unconditional: there are no rules or restrictions when it comes to the art it exhibits.  Our bold selection of art is achieved through extensive research, expertise, and the work of each artist themselves, who range from engravers to lithographers, painters, sculptors, and photographers.

Throughout the year, the gallery puts on new exhibitions, host events, and takes part in collaborations.


Our team

Helena Martin

Helena Martin

Gallery owner

Jeanne Azarkamand

Gallerist and art consultant

Jeanne Boutonnier

Leonor Boutonnier


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Art Consulting and Sourcing

Galerie Durst offers bespoke art consulting services for interior design professionals as well as art enthusiasts. Not only do we help our clients procure the perfect artwork for their projects, we also help them with framing and installation.

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